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HarmonyOS Connect evolves over 60 million new devices in 2021



HarmonyOS Connect devices

October 22md witness the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit with various announcements of new releases, and devices under HarmonyOS Connect ecology. Since the announcement of this brand, it gave new achievements and shown significant growth.

At present, over 1,800 hardware ecosystem partners have joined this Huawei platform. Furthermore, the product categories have achieved 4,000 counts in terms of the official certificates. On top of this, in 2021 HarmonyOS Connect has more than 60 million new devices.

The new products are applicable in various industries that include smart home, sports and health, smart travel, audio-visual entertainment, education, office, and others. The company’s industry partners have made equal contributions to this new device lineup.

HarmonyOS Connect: Fully Upgraded Platform

Speaking of a basic level, the HarmonyOS Connect certified devices are showing notably improved performance. The previous methods have been revised and introduced two new methods called- “rely on one” and “scan and sweep”. In this line, the Widgets have been elevated with a new service center and multi-device entrance.

For instance, smart door locks can achieve real-time visual interaction with the Widgets. In this manner, not only the fingerprint recognization has been improved but various services including one-click interconnection also get new functionalities.

HarmonyOS Connect devices

Furthermore, the certified products have the advantages of the HarmonyOS SuperDevice feature. It allows other devices to join and delivers a multidevice smart experience in various scenarios.

If we take health or exercise as an example, we can have better results through multi-device connections including a smartphone, a smart accessory, and a smart scale. Besides, the vertical applications including basic, enhanced, and application service packs have provided new applications.

At present, the hardware packages synchronize with 11 mainstream chips integrated with 11 modules and, 20 other modules. Furthmore, technology certification capability has been upgraded, from a monthly certification of 100 SPU to 400 SPU to help the manufactures quickly link the devices with HarmonyOS Connect Platform.

(Source: Ithome)

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