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More Huawei phones to feature Kirin 9000s in the near future



Huawei Kirin

Huawei Mate 60 series has become a selling point for the entire Chinese smartphone industry and there is information that the company would expand its processor, Kirin 9000s in more new phones.

Sources from the supply chain industry revealed that Huawei has a number of new unreleased phones featuring a Kirin 9000S chipset. These phones may even include mid-range models.

Huawei is yet to announce any confirmation on this matter but the next mid-range phone in-line is Huawei Nova 12 series. From this aspect, the company could use the flagship – Kirin 9000s chipset in the Pro model and the standard model may equip a new mid-range Kirin chip.

Huawei Kirin

Kirin has always been the heart of Huawei smartphones. Following the US ban in 2019, Huawei failed to print new chip designs via Taiwan’s TSMC. In August this year, Huawei launched the Kirin 9000s. However, the Chinese tech company is not promoting this chipset with the Huawei Mate 60 series or separately.

Therefore, the situation around Kirin 9000s is quite mysterious and at the same time, it’s also interesting. The teardown of the phone reveals that this is an advanced chipset and is processed with 7nm technology.

Currently, Android and iPhone devices are using 4nm chipset. Compared to these, the new Kirin 9000s chip may sound a bit old but many Chinese customers with this phone found the performance satisfactory in gaming and multi-tasking.

Canalys Researcher, Lucas Zhong said that Huawei could create new competition in the smartphone industry if it expands the new Kirin chipset for the mid-to-low-phone segment. Therefore, more new Huawei phones with new Kirin 9000s or other Kirin chips could create more opportunities for the firm to increase shipments.

If so, Huawei may have to make further improvements in the design and the optimizations for non-flagship devices to run the phone based on those specifications.


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