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Kaihong Zhigu released the Smart Classroom Solution based on OpenHarmony



Kaihong Zhigu OpenHarmony smart classroom

The OpenHarmony is the open-source project of HarmonyOS managed by the OpenAtom foundation. It has the characteristics of being oriented and distributed for all scenarios.

According to the latest information, Topway Information’s subsidiary Kaihong Zhigu has recently released the Full Scenario Smart Classroom program based on OpenHarmony education industry distribution to bring OpenHarmony into every classroom.

With OpenHarmony’s distributed capabilities, Kaihong Zhigu has developed a “1+5+N” Full-Scenario Smart Classroom Application Suit. This delivers full play for the widespread application of AIoT in the education industry, comprehensively optimizing the learning process, and improving learning efficiency as well as teaching quality.

Further, the Kaihong Zhigu has launched two products under the Full Scenario Smart Classroom Application Suit that are:

  • Astator-100 Education AI Host
  • Niobe-232 Live Recording and Broadcasting Expansion Box

Both of these products have become the first to pass OpenHarmony V3.0 LTS version compatibility Certification of commercial products.

Astator-100 Education AI Host

The Astator-100 Educational AI Host is connected to the pan-IoT platform, and the Smart Classroom App realizes access to downstream equipment such as lights, cameras, smart switches, curtains, sensors, etc., and NFC to switch classrooms and distribution network. It can realize one-key visual control of classroom environment equipment.

Niobe-232 Live Recording and Broadcasting Expansion Box

The Niobe-232 Live Recording and Broadcasting Expansion Box is also connected with the Pan-IoT platform, and wireless control of live recording and broadcasting devices can be realized through Smart Classroom App software.It includes device switching, camera control, Subtitle is included. control, etc., and OTA upgrade can be done at the same time.

Kaihong Zhigu All-Scenario Smart Classroom will release the OpenHarmony education industry as a core foundation, relying on two common service capabilities of data collection and device collaboration. Additionally, it combines the three key elements of people, devices, and data to empower laboratories.

Moreover, various campus locations such as guest classrooms, canteen, and dormitory, realize a new era full-view smart campus with the four values ​​of “new hardware, new interactions, new experiences, and new service”.

(Source: ithome)

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