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Apple and 1.8 billion active devices



apple 1.8 billion devices

Once we start the discussion on smartphones, you can not skip a name – Apple. Although, the company has prominent dominance over several categories of consumers products but the recent 1.8 billion active Apple devices show its true significance.

According to TheVerge, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple now has 1.8 billion active devices. This figure is up from 1.65 billion devices a year ago and there were around 1.5 billion devices were active in 2020.

This achievement is not a simple task, and the achievement itself is a big pride moment for the tech maker as its shiny and premium phones continue to dominate different markets even if these costs a big chunk of your pocket.

Apple is surely making money out of its smartphones but the company has been continuously working to provide top-grade technology that is built around an ecosystem of services. Aside from the hardware, Apple’s software services make a huge impact on consumers and allure them to purchase Apple products because of their simplicity and Apple gains a good sum for unified solutions such as Apple One.

apple 1.8 billion devices

Android 3 billion:

Android as an open-source software still has dominance over the smartphone and other device makers. In 2021, Google announced that there are over 3 billion devices that are actively running Android software.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system maker – Mircosoft has passed over 1.4 billion active devices with Windows 10 and Windows 11. These also include Xbox Series X/S under Windows 10.

It’s expected that Samsung could own over 1.5 billion devices in the global market but the report is not been confirmed at the moment.

Furthermore, Huawei should be over a billion device milestones that are sold and work actively among consumers. The Chinese tech maker is currently seeding new software for its devices to get rid of Android ecosystem but the global ones still has Android OS as the backbone of EMUI.

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