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Huawei sues Sweden for 5G ban



Huawei sued Sweden

Yes! It’s now confirmed that Huawei has sued Sweden on an international platform after the country announced a ban on the company’s participating in the 5G rollout. According to inputs from AFP, Huawei has sued Sweden under “Initiated Arbitration Proceeds” at the World Bank Groups International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

The Chinese tech giant says that the actions taken by Sweden have disrespected Huawei’s investment in the country and have been proven discriminatory. It’s being said that the actions are a complete breach of Sweden’s international investment obligations.

Huawei currently has not specified what type of damages it’s preparing by suing Sweden but it’s expected to go over 5.2 billion Swedish kroner or above if the proceedings took further dates.

Huawei sued Sweden

Sweden and Huawei:

The US campaign against Huawei has boasted many countries to remove its carrier products in the name of national security and without providing any solid proof of such so-called espionage.

Following the UK, Sweden become one of the followers to take actions against the Chinese telecom maker in 2020 and planned to remove Huawei’s existing gear by January 1, 2025.

Following the 2020’s decision, Huawei filed a lawsuit against PTS in Swedish Administrative Court, which has been rejected lately. However, the China-based company didn’t give up and requested in the Court of Appeal in the country to defend its interests and rights.

In 2021, Huawei has decided to go against the Swedish government in court. In October last year, the Swedish Administrative Court announced to accept the second appeal of Huawei against the Swedish PTS’ decision of imposing the 5G ban on its devices. Now, both organizations are preserving for the second hearing of the case.

Huawei’s representative on this matter – Henrik Bengtsson said the court’s decision is based on assumptions, there are still some analyses remaining. He further expects the administration to conduct a fair judgment without being biased towards anyone.

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