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HiHopeOS IoT Edition is first to get OpenHarmony V3.0 LTS version compatibility certification



HiHopeOS 1.0 OpenHarmony

Last December, Runhe Software launched the HiHopeOS 1.0 operating system based on openHarmony. Recently, the Runhe community announced that HiHopeOS 1.0 RC1 IoT Edition becomes the first software distribution to pass the OpenHarmony V3.0 LTS version compatibility certification.

Runhe Software from China working as an important member of the OpenHarmony project working committee. The HiHopeOS is a commercial release based on OpenHarmony to improve the technology from the viewpoint of market demand.

HiHopeOS distribution has multiple versions for different scenarios. Among them,  HiHopeOS IoT Edition is one of them that supports OpenHarmony lightweight devices, small devices, and standard devices.

HiHopeOS IoT Edition:

The latest HiHopeOS 1.0 RC1 IoT Edition is based on OpenHarmony-V3.0-LTS version, which integrates IoT protocols, security certification, local Control, and a variety of applications. It can support a variety of development boards in the OpenHarmony community.

HiHopeOS IoT Edition can discover HiHope expansion capabilities, including core protocol layers (such as network distribution/authentication/key negotiation, license/certificate, end-cloud connection, local control, etc.), application business layers (such as session management, OTA, configuration/ Log, message distribution and processing, application model, heterogeneous relay, etc.) function implementation.

HiHopeOS Plans:

As per the plan, Runhe Software will release the GA version of HiHopeOS 1.0 on March 20, with small-scale commercial capabilities. While the HiHopeOS 2.0 will be released with large-scale commercial capabilities on June 30.

HiHopeOS 1.0:

Back in August 2021, Runhe Software launched the industry’s first OpenHarmony-based financial HiHopeOS Beta version for the financial industry. It will continue to launch more HiHopeOS-based industry distributions, such as financial distribution, education distribution, energy distribution, etc.

The core technology of HiHopeOS will be gradually open-sourced, and it will be implemented in multiple industry scenarios in the fields of smart finance, smart energy, smart real estate, smart education, smart travel, smart wear, and smart home.

Furthermore, the head of the OpenHarmony business of Runhe Software – Liu Yang hopes that more product companies will rely on HiHopeOS to create more high-quality products in the future.

(Source: ithome)

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