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Huawei’s Kunpeng powered PCs coming soon for general consumers



Recently, a tipster from Weibo has come up with the latest information regarding Huawei‘s Kunpeng chipset for desktop computers and revealed the company’s planning to grow more in the computer industry.

The tipster shared an image of a PC labeled with “Powered by Kunpeng” and saying, many companies (Chinese) already using Huawei Kunpeng powered PCs and the production of these machines currently at full capacity.

Moreover, he also expected that soon the general consumers will also be able to purchase the Huawei Kunpeng PCs. However, it’s not confirmed when it’ll actually launch in the market.

According to previous reports, Huawei PC will be equipped with Kunpeng 920 8-Core processor/8G DDR4 RAM 2666MHz, 256G SSD, DVD drive, Radeon R7 430 graphics card, keyboard and mouse, and 180W power supply.

Still, there’s a lot more to learn about Huawei’s desktop computer and we’ll surely keep you posted with further updates.


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