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Huawei won AI and Data Insight Excellence Award with China Unicom



Huawei Data Insight Award

Recently, Huawei has honored with the “AI and Data Insight” Excellence Award, together with China Unicom. Both firms have been invited to the Digital Transformation World Summit 2021 (DTWS 2021) which was conducted by Telecom Management Forum in the UK.

At the event, the host awarded the Intelligent Network Innovation Center of China Unicom that was being maintained by Huawei’s new generation intelligent executions. In addition, the jury explained the project as an innovative achievement of leading global companies in digital transformation.

As the industry is adopting 5G technology, the network operations of communication operators are reaching new hypes. Furthermore, the services have become more satisfying and delivering an enhanced user experience satisfying their requirements. On the other hand, the network is becoming more involved with an intense need for automation and intelligence.

Furthermore, its causing problems for operators such as high operating and maintenance charge, technology guides and so on. This project indicates the utilization of new technologies in order to deliver more working capacity, lower expenses, and greater efficiency.

Huawei China Unicom Solution:

This solution enriches the smart facilities concerning the commercial use of the technology. It targets to constructs an  R&D team for smart operation products working on “human-machine collaboration”. integrating the AI smart discovery alarms following the cross-professional and cross-domain rules being applied on wireless, communication, power and environmental equipment, to achieve automatic fault compression and association.

Moving further with the description, big data and AI predict dynamic indicators with an over of 1,000 KPIs or higher pushing the early using high tech prediction prevention algorithms. It has deleted about 800 faults using automatic root-cause diagnosis. Afterward, it enables the scene-based API to achieve the self-healing and network autonomy fault.

Zhang Taoye who is the general manager of Intelligent Network Innovation Center in China Unicom stated, we are working on promoting digital transformation in remote management and execution. To date, we have constructed several applications for monitoring, network tuning, inspection, and energy-saving.

He further explained, the communication network including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G has receded a success rate of 90% in more than 50 application conditions. Moreover, it has recorded 20 folds greater effect with AI energy-saving investments of 100 million Yuan. The smart future has come at the door, all we need to accelerate the evolution of network intelligent operation and inspire the future, concluded Manager Zhang.

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