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Huawei will soon launch new products with Continuous ECG Detection technology



The 2-day China Medical Development Conference was conducted in Beijing on 17th April 2021. In the event, the Director of Huawei and Dean of the Strategic Research Institute – William Xu (Xu Wenwei) gave a speech on the topic “Science and Technology Innovation Empowers the Healthy Development of Medicine”.

In his speech, he mentioned that finally, the combination of technology and medicine can be seen as three aspects, perception, connection, and intelligence.

While pointing out these three levels, he said the perception layer, through sensors and solutions, the non-invasive and non-inductive continuous detection of blood sugar, blood pressure, and ECG is realized.

Furthermore, he said that we can measure the human physiological indicators in real-time via wearable devices. As for the first time, this technology was introduced in Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. Later the data can be transmitted on the cloud through the network and analyzed by artificial intelligence.

However, continuous and precise ECG detection through a wearable is still difficult to achieve. In order to make it more convenient, Huawei will soon launch new products for Continuous ECG Detection.

This technology works on the connection layer, through brain computers Human body function enhancement technologies such as interfaces are based on medical cloud services for the transmission and storage of physical signs information.

Furthermore, at the intelligent layer, big data and artificial intelligence technologies are used to identify valuable data and process decisions to help people carry out results for active health management.

It’s not hidden that the cloud, Big Data, 5G communication network and AI have made a great contribution in the field of real-time medical diagnosis.

(Via- Ithome)

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