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Huawei Won Best of Show Award Special Prize for Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution at Interop Tokyo 2021



Huawei ranks 8th among the 50 worldwide innovative companies and it’s in the top Chinese firm in the field of innovation. Looking at this fact, It’s not a big surprise that Huawei Won the Best of Show Award Special Prize for Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution, Interop Tokyo 2021.

At Japan’s largest ICT exhibition, the Interop Organizing Committee praised Huawei’s solution, saying it is

“highly innovative and ahead of the times. It uses routers that are capable of providing 1000+ slices, accelerating industry-wide digital transformation”.

Criteria and Jury:

Criteria for this award are the most innovative and technologically advanced products or solutions that provide speedy commercial value at a large scale. As well the decision review board also full of industry experts and top academics.

Intelligent Cloud-Network: Everything Connected for Ubiquitous Intelligence

Huawei’s innovative hierarchical slicing intelligent cloud-network solution delivered different services for industry private networks.

It adopts 1000+ slices and allows additional support for application-specific slices on the basis of industry slices, which gave fine-grained SLA assurance and experience monetization.

In Addition, the inbuilt iMaster NCE-IP provides visualization and management capabilities for automatic intelligent service flow identification, hierarchical slicing-based bearer assurance, and automatic load-based cloud switchover.

The whole structure works on iMaster NCE-IP, and SRv6-based cloud paths enable cloud-network coordinated scheduling.

Upgrade of NetEngine 8000 Series Routers

The NetEngine 8000 intelligent cloud terminal is the latest product released for the intelligent cloud-network solution. It’s the first time when this solution introduced outside the Mainland.

It’s the entry-level CPE router that supports 10GE port slicing and provides isolation of multiple services on the enterprise side through one-fiber multipurpose transport, enabling the direct connection of the enterprise egress to private networks.

NetEngine 8000 M14:¬†It’s the one and only 300 mm deep all-service box-shaped router in the industry. It improves the single-port 400GE capability and implements 400GE interconnection on the ShowNet.

Also, this series successfully implemented interconnection in terms of SR-MPLS and SRv6 interworking, and real service-based ShowNet flow of the SR-MPLS flex-Algo.


Huawei’s intelligent cloud-network solution integrates applications, networks, and clouds. It spontaneously recognizes and delivers both the industry-specific and the application-specific SLA.

This intelligent cloud-map algorithm corresponding to the cloud and network resources boosts the computing power.

Apart from this, this Chinese telecom firm also won the Best of Show Award Grand Prize for the company’s OceanStor Pacific Series on the same platform. (Read More)

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