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Huawei Wallet update adds new wallet health code card to the application



Huawei Wallet Health Code

Huawei has started pushing off a new update for its Wallet application. This latest release brings some magnificent improvements and relevant security fixes for the app. Besides, the update brings a unique wallet health code card for Huawei Wallet.

According to the information, Huawei Wallet gets the latest build as Further, users need to download a software package of 40.9 Megabytes for using the new application update and enjoy the appealing features.

Speaking of the changes, Huawei has added an advanced tug to the Wallet application. Additionally, the company has imposed a wallet health code card on Huawei Wallet. As a result, users can now install a verified and digital version of their clinical information and can access it anytime and anywhere.

Further, these health code cards let you customize and carry some important health records in your wallet application. You can even share the related information with your friends and colleagues.

As the name reflects, the health code card adopts an isolated QR code that requires scanning before using the function. Hence, we can say that the company has surrounded the new feature with complete security.

Huawei Wallet Health Code

How to Access the Health Code Cards?

The effective function already supports some NFC models at the moment. Consumers with NFC- driven handsets can quickly get the respective function by double-clicking on the power button and can enable the card swipe interface.

However, one must note that those devices running on the HarmonyOS system can only access the new feature. To access the health code card segment, follow the below-given instructions:

  • Open the Huawei Wallet app
  • Select the Card Holder option
  • Click on the Health code
  • Complete the details required

Apart from the special element, the Huawei wallet offers efficient transaction services, smart life scenarios, convenient travel functions, and other coherent features. Besides, it supports the epidemic prevention zones, which provide travel cards as well as health codes for a comprehensive travel experience.


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