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Huawei Wallet launched first digital car key with Bluetooth and NFC



Today, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei CBG on Weibo shared that Huawei Wallet has launched the industry’s first digital car key that supports Bluetooth and NFC. Additionally, he also added that the newly unveiled AITO M5 smart car’s Huawei Wallet is equipped with a digital car key function.

The AITO M5 is the industry’s first car to support both Bluetooth and NFC (Near field communication) two in one digital car keys. Currently, the digital car key function of Huawei Wallet is supportive on Huawei smartphones running on HarmonyOS 2.0 and the Watch 3 series. However, more Huawei smartwatches will be upgraded to support this function.

Also, everyone can use it with confidence because it complies with domestic ICCE standards to meet financial-level security requirements. After activating the digital car key, AITO M5 owners can use the Huawei Wallet app to turn on NFC and Bluetooth simultaneously without realizing it.

The NFC capabilities allow the user to open the door in seconds by simply touching the mobile phone in the NFC area of ​​the vehicle’s rearview mirror. It also supports functions like blocking the vehicle and starting the engine with one touch. Through the Bluetooth non-sensing car key, the user brings the smartphone closer to the vehicle at a safe distance of 3 meters to automatically unlock the vehicle.

Huawie Aito M5

The smart car system automatically determines whether the mobile phone is in the car and is the key to starting the engine. By using the digital car key, the car owner can keep the physical at home and get rid of the problem of forgetting to bring a car key, losing a car key, and replacing a physical car battery without even opening the car app manually.

In addition, in a weak network environment or when the mobile phone is out of power, the NFC car key can also function normally, and provide the ultimate experience.

(Source: ithome)

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