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Huawei Digital Technology Suzhou is now 100% owned by Huawei Digital Technology




Huawei has already established several companies with different objectives in China, which are interlinked with each other. From time to time, some industries need commercial changes that are good for them.

According to the information from the China Intellectual Property database, Huawei Digital Technology Suzhou goes through some commercial transformation. On December 28, 2021, Huawei has withdraw all shares from Huawei Digital Technology Suzhou and added Huawei Digital Energy Technology to hold 100% of its shares.

It clearly means that Huawei Digital Technology Suzhou has changed from a subsidiary of Huawei to sun’s company, and it is not yet clear why this change happened.

Huawei Digital Technology suzhou


Huawei Digital Technology Suzhou:

Huawei Digital Technology Co., Ltd was established on 13 February and its legal representative is Hou Jinlong. The registered capital of the company was 800 million yuan in Suzhou. The company’s business scope includes research and development in information and communications, sales of equipment, software and related products, and technical services.

Huawei Digital Technology:

Back in August, Huawei established a company registered under the name Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co. Ltd. The company has Zhou Taoyuan as its representative with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.

The main objectives of the company are to conduct research and develop the most efficient energy resources. Its work mainly involves online energy metering technology research and development, online energy monitoring technology research and development, The power industry energy-efficient technology research and development. Emerging energy technology research and development and Energy recovery system research and development.

Also, Huawei may conduct the field of electric vehicles, deepening its existence in vehicle manufacturing. In terms of equity, Huawei solely owns the company with 100% Digital Energy Holdings. It can be regarded as Huawei’s yet another fully owned subsidiary.

(Source: ithome)

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