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Huawei V5 Pro 98-inch smart TV launched with new remote control and high picture quality



Today, Huawei launched its annual flagship large-screen smart TV – Vision V5 Pro in 85-inch and 98-inch screen sizes.

Both the 85-inch and 98-inch Huawei V5 Pro TV use Super MiniLED panels, both of which support 4K/120Hz high refresh rate. The former has 576 partitions and a brightness of 1,600 nits and the latter has 1,008 partitions and a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits.

The major point of this new television is the brand-new “Huawei Wireless Remote Control”. It is the world’s first absolute pointing interaction.

Huawei V5 Pro tv 98-inch

It can be used for scrolling, drag-and-drop, and other interactive methods on the large screen, and control the TV for playing games. With air touch capability, the large screen can be converted into a giant smartphone within seconds, and mobile apps can also be used on the TV.

Huawei V5 Pro smart TV is equipped with the Honghu 900 chip, which has an 81% improvement in CPU performance, a 119% improvement in GPU performance, and a 212% improvement in NPU performance. It supports powerful 8K 120fps decoding and has 4T+1T dual NPU to achieve high-end AI computing.

Huawei V5 Pro tv 98-inch

In terms of audio, this large set of TVs will provide Huawei Sound smart speakers. These are placed on the left, center, and right channels including 30W double bass and two 10W sky channels to form a 3.1.2 channel. It can also be used with Huawei Sound X to form a 5.1.2 home giant. screen cinema.

Furthermore, the Huawei Smart TV V5 Pro launched with the HarmonyOS 4 system. The device supports photo walls, landscape windows, smart sensing, child care, family connection, super screen projection, and a lot of helpful features.

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