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Huawei tri-fold phone and Vision Pro tipped to soon appear in official stores



Huawei tri-fold Vision Pro stores

Huawei fans have locked their eyes on the upcoming innovative products this year and two of them count the tri-fold phone and Vision Pro headset that could soon show up in the official stores. Here are some new details on these two devices.

Weibo blogger @SmartPikachu recently mentioned that the first-ever Huawei tri-fold smartphone and the Vision Pro headset have passed their development stage as well as could soon appear in the official stores for selling purposes.

Some early inputs regarding the triple foldable device predicted that we may find the respective device on the shelves by the second quarter of this year, probably June.

Huawei Vision Pro, on the other hand, is hearsay to launch later in the current year at half price than Apple’s Vision gadget. Thus we can expect that the company has completed the engineering part of these devices and left out with a few related tasks.

Some days back, the company applied for a new tri-fold patent, showing vital screen-based upgrades. It implies an improved mechanism that will make the folding aspects more reliable than ever. You can read the full patent information HERE.

Huawei tri-fold Vision Pro stores

Huawei tri-fold Vision Pro coming soon to official stores (Image Credits: Weibo)


An early report mentioned that Huawei is likely to launch a 10-inch (25.4 cm) tri-fold handset with a tablet-like form factor. With enormous features and tech-pack capabilities, the device may give a tough spot to Samsung Z fold and Apple iPads.

Being the first-ever of its kind, Huawei triple-foldable phone would be a game changer in the global smartphone market. However, the tech giant remains silent on this topic.

Huawei Vision Pro:

This is another device that may hit the user ground this year. Huawei is hearsay to use its self-developed chipsets to energize the VR headset. It would weigh half of the Apple Vision Pro device and include a set of useful and proficient features. Read More…

Huawei tri-fold Vision Pro stores

Image Credits: Huawei

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