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Huawei certifies new TGR-L10 MatePad tablet, launching soon



Huawei TGR-L10 MatePad tablet

A new Huawei MatePad tablet with model number TGR-L10 has passed the radio and network certification. This could be the alleged Huawei tablet that has been running in the rumors for a long time, and soon make its way to the launch stage.

Early reports have clued that the Chinese tech giant is working on some tablets equipped with Kirin 9000 chipset and Nearlink capabilities. Now a new input has added consent to this matter, revealing the latest radio and network certificate details.

Tipster @DigitalChatStation says that Huawei has listed a new TGR-L10 MatePad tablet in the certification database as a TD-LTE wireless data device. It also supports multiple network standards like LTE FDD, WCDMA, GSM format, and more.

Huawei TGR-L10 MatePad tablet (Image Credits: ITHome)

Other related features of this mysterious tablet such as design, internal parameters, and charging aspects are currently under the hood. Yet they may appear in the time ahead.

Further details highlight that the Chinese OEM is working on a MatePad Paper model which includes some efficient components and supports Nearlink keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Perhaps it might also equip a brand-new Kirin chip.

Huawei TGR-L10 MatePad tablet

Huawei TGR-L10 MatePad Leak (Image Credits: Weibo)

The tipster cited that there are many options for Kirin tablets. Hence we may find some more additions to the large-screen device categories this year. Although an official statement from Huawei will clear the mist from these inputs to a greater extent.

Nearlink Technology – a trend!

Leaks and rumors suggest that Huawei is imposing the all-new Nearlink technology on almost every upcoming flagship device including tablets, smartphones, and notebooks.

The short-range wireless connection ensures a stronger network linkage amid devices so that they can efficiently transfer files, explore new sites, and opt for related work. It is one step ahead of the ordinary Bluetooth connection and ensures stability.

Huawei TGR-L10 MatePad tablet

Image Credits: Huawei

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