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New Huawei tri-fold patent shows improved mechanism for better visuals



Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism

Huawei now has an interesting patent that sheds light on the tri-fold screen mechanism. This technique is likely to improve the overall visual experience, offering more comfort and reliability when watching videos, reading books, or gaming.

The company is already said to developing a triple-foldable handset. Some early inputs even reveal that this product will set its legs on the stage in June this year. Hence this patent with improved mechanism could be part of Huawei tri-fold phone.

The patent application reveals that the content of inventions has first housing, second housing, third housing, first hinge, second hinge, and a flexible screen. With this mechanism, the company aims to enhance its strategy of making foldable phones.

How does it work?

Huawei patent for the double-folding screen mechanism shows that the first, second, and third housing is connected to the flexible screen by ends. Meanwhile, the first and second hinge ensures strong holding between the connected components.

Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism

Huawei tri-fold patent (Image Credits: ITHome)

The first hinge can twist itself to allow the fold and unfold mechanics of the first housing component, connected to the second housing. The same applies to the second hinge and linked components.

It is worth noting that the thickness of all three housing components varies from each other. The third one is greater than the second and this same strategy goes on between the second and first housing elements for a comfortable grip.

A major reason for choosing different-sized housing materials is to reduce the overall weight and thickness of the foldable handsets. The previous folding devices contain multiple housings with the same width resulting in poor hand feel.

Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism

Huawei tri-fold patent (Image Credits: ITHome)

However, the new mechanism aims to make the foldable device lighter, providing users with a better grip. It makes the phone thinner and more enriched than ever.

Since the mechanism enables to folding of the device twice, it divides itself in better proportions when unfolded and eases to work under several scenarios.

Huawei Tri-Fold – When?

The company is reportedly working on the world’s first triple-foldable smartphone. Although the development and specifications of this product are currently under the hood. Yet we expect to obtain official inputs on this subject by the second quarter of this year. Read More…

Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism

Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism (Image Credits: ITHome)

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