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Huawei trademark ‘AITO’, still refuses to make cars



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Huawei applied for the trademark of the “AITO” keyword in its collection. AITO is the name of Huawei’s smart car ecosystem brand, co-developed by auto company SERES.

Huawei Technologies has applied for the registration of multiple “AITO” trademarks with application number “71601572”. The classification involves kitchen sanitary ware, rope net bag canopy, and more.

Huawei aito trademark

Huawei statement:

Over the past years, Huawei issued various statements from different top officials including the company founder, Ren Zhengfei. All of them denied the possibility of such a happening.

“Huawei doesn’t build cars, it helps other companies to build good cars”. This is the only statement you would hear from the tech maker on the question of car manufacturing.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman said previously that departments, individuals, or partners are abusing the Huawei brand. During the investigation of this matter, the brand that Huawei has built for more than 30 years will not be abused by anyone.

The Huawei leader announced that It is strictly forbidden to use the Huawei brand as a car brand. We will rectify internal promotional materials such as flagship stores and return to the strategy.

In addition, many people have also noticed the issue of the 5-year validity period of the document. Xu Zhijun directly explained that this is because the validity period of Huawei’s documents is only 5 years at most, and will be issued for another 5 years when it expires.

Eventually, he concludes that Huawei remains committed not to making cars in the near future. However, the trademark of AITO by Huawei is still a mystery for everyone that has just appeared.

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