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Huawei to pre-install 70 popular apps in its upcoming phones launching without GMS



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The U.S. has prohibited Google from certifying new Huawei smartphones and under these circumstances, Huawei has reportedly found a way to introduce its upcoming smartphones in the market.

According to the (via, Huawei will launch new smartphones without Google Mobile Services and Google’s set of applications. Instead, the company will install a bunch of apps depending on the country or region with given options to select apps and deliver them to respective devices.

A total of 70 apps are chosen to be preinstalled and could be inherited from Google Play Store’s top apps suggestions or alternatives from the local developers.

The above information came from a study conducted privately and showcased in a presentation to Eastern European media representatives related to Huawei’s survival without Google in the international smartphone market.

Since last year, Huawei has increased its efforts to grow the Huawei Mobile Services platform with extended support for developers and services for consumers such as a map, in-app purchases, machine learning and more.

In addition, customers will also have the option to download additional information from Huawei AppGallery.

In the absence of GMS, Huawei has planned to launch new smartphones with Huawei Mobile Services and open-source Android. The next recipient to expand the HMS to a global level will be unveiled as Huawei P40 series on March 26.

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