Google trademarks new operating system as “Pigweed”

Since the launch of the Android operating system, Google nurtured this OS as its dominant force in the mobile market. In addition to Android, Google also experimented with Chrome OS and Fuchia, and now there seems to be a new OS in work that appeared from Google.

Google has filed a trademark for the name “Pigweed” at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the category of “Computer operating software”, found by 9to5Google.

However, there’s no additional information revealed in the trademark except for the name.

So what the “Pigweed” name really mean?

Pigweed, also known as amaranths, are leafy plants that are edible and actually nutritious. Some pigweeds, when fully grown, will actually dry out and form tumbleweeds, spreading their seeds as they’re tossed by the wind.

9to5Google found that this name was mentioned in code from Google’s in-development OS Fuchsia. A proposed code change from November made direct reference to “pigweed” before being caught and switched over to “fuchsia.”

Still, there’s no concrete evidence found to prove what kind of platform this OS is related to until there’s more information comes out from Google.






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