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China’s Wo Music joins Huawei MindSpore



wo music huawei mindspore

China Unicom has announced the CCLA (Corporate Contributor License Agreement) of Wo Music and joined Huawei MindSpore open source community. This addition will further strengthen the cooperation of this development between Wo Music and Huawei MindSpore .

Wo Music is a subsidiary of China Unicom Online, which handles China Unicom’s nationwide data intelligence CRBT operation, traffic management, membership rights, and interests in the new cultural and creative fields while focusing on music at its core.

According to the information, Wo Music provides service to 300 million China Unicom users and 70 million Internet users.

Wo Music has built a database uniDB with its own intellectual property rights, adapted to mainstream chips and operating systems at home and abroad, and established an integrated data intelligence system from domestic databases, big data governance, data applications to operation and maintenance of Haina uniBase data intelligence system, helping the transformation of government and enterprise digitalization and localization.

wo music huawei mindspore

Huawei MindSpore:

MindSpore is a new open-source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge, and cloud scenarios.

MindSpore is designed to provide development experience with a friendly design and efficient execution for the data scientists and algorithmic engineers, native support for Ascend AI processors, and software-hardware co-optimization.

In the meantime, MindSpore has a global AI open source community that aims to further advance the development and enrichment of the AI software/hardware application ecosystem.


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