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Huawei should use Android 13?



huawei android 13

Huawei and Android have gone hand to hand for years and the Chinese tech firm has made many changes to evolve throughout the time. But after the events of the U.S. entity list, Huawei had to give up on adapting fully to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Android.

Therefore, Huawei still uses Android 10 as the base of EMUI 12, which first came into action with EMUI 10 in 2019. However, we are looking forward to the consumers and their deeds to get something new.

Although, Huawei is providing plenty of new features with EMUI 12 but what do you think if the company should start using Android 13 as the base of the upcoming EMUI 13.

huawei android 13


Android is open-source software, which means anyone can download and modify the project. Although, it may need certification to use Google’s core services such as GMS (which, Huawei cannot obtain) but the Android is still under the reach of the Chinese tech maker.

Also, Huawei is already using Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Android 10 since EMUI 10, so using the Android 13 won’t be a hassle for the firm. However, there are some speculations that might hit our theory into the proceedings.

First, Huawei cannot use the latest Android version as it may bring instability for older smartphones such as Android 13, due to hardware limitations and needs to be optimized heavily. Second, it could cripple the GMS certificate in phones that already have GMS applications.

huawei android 13

Another one is that Huawei doesn’t want to use Android 13 because it is switching HarmonyOS as the base of EMUI sooner or later for global users.

From a consumer’s perspective, old devices have been upgrading for a long time, and devices such as Huawei P30 and Mate 20 are still running robust in users’ hands. Therefore, Huawei has seeded EMUI 12 software for them to refresh the user experience and bring them closer to the HarmonyOS user interface.

Currently, we cannot say, what’s coming next from the Chinese tech maker but we’ll have to find out more on this matter.

So, what do you think, should Huawei use Android 13 in the next EMUI version? Let us know in the poll below.

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