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EMUI 13 will come?



emui 13

Huawei has been the marquee phone maker for years, the despite harsh U.S. sanctions, the Chinese tech generator continues to ramp up efforts to overcome these difficulties. Therefore, Huawei is working hard to provide new software updates for its smartphone owners. In the sequence, EMUI 12 is the latest installment that Huawei is serving for the global Huawei smartphone owners, and the rollout is yet to be completed but we’re here to talk about EMUI 13.

Yes, your read it right, EMUI 13. Although, Huawei’s new smartphone doesn’t come with Google Mobile Services (GMS) but the company’s millions of previously sold devices are still ready for more software updates. Meanwhile, the rollout of EMUI 12 has been quite satisfactory as it brings plenty of new features for the consumers.

Hence, we don’t know what’s coming next from Huawei but we’re surely excited to see whether Huawei is working on a new EMUI version? Or it’ll go for the global HarmonyOS to wrap up the EMUI bloodline.

emui 13

Will it come?

So, the question is ‘will it come?’, the answer to this question lies in the chronology. Since the U.S. sanctions, Huawei has launched three versions of EMUI – EMUI 10, EMUI 11, and EMUI 12. To be noted, at Huawei Developer Conference 2019, the Chinese tech giant introduced the HarmonyOS 1.0 operating system alongside EMUI 10.

In the next year, Huawei introduced HarmonyOS 2.0 at HDC 2020 event as well as the new EMUI 11 software, as well as the HarmonyOS 2.0. Post HDC 2022 to 2021, Huawei upgraded its old smartphones over HarmonyOS 2.0 from previous EMUI versions in China.

During HDC 2021 event, Huawei introduced HarmonyOS 3.0 but it didn’t unveil EMUI 12 at the same event, which wasn’t surprising at all because the company is promoting HarmonyOS as the next software revolution.

Still, the global users cannot use HarmonyOS, so, the company later revealed EMUI 12 in a launch event that covers global devices.

So, the line is quite thin, but we can expect that Huawei surely has something new for its global consumers and we’re waiting for such an occurrence.

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