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26000 graduates have joined Huawei in the past two years




Today, at the Ministry of Education conference, Zeng Weisheng, director of the University Research and Talent Development Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., pointed out that in the past ten years, as a high-tech enterprise, they strongly feel In China, higher education has been greatly improved in terms of talent supply and talent quality.

Huawei has a huge demand for talents, especially top talents. In the past two years alone, about 26,000 outstanding fresh graduates have joined Huawei, of which more than 300 are ‘genius boys‘ as Huawei defines that term.

Zeng Weisheng said that these people have played a full role in key business areas, driving innovation in technical theory, architecture and software.

Zeng Weisheng further emphasized that due to the rapid iteration of digital technology, it is necessary to keep pace with the industry in classroom teaching, internship practice, and enterprises are urgently required to participate in talent training.


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Huawei has actively contributed technologies accumulated over the years in the ICT industry and launched school-enterprise cooperation in 2013 to bridge the “last mile” of talent training.

Huawei’s “Genius Boys” program was initiated by Huawei founder – Ren Zhengfei to attract top talents, with the highest annual salary of 2.01 million yuan (311 thousand USD).

As of July 2019, Ren Zhengfei issued a “Notice on the Implementation of Annual Salary Management for Some Top Students in 2019”, saying that to win the future technology and business war, we must first use top salary to attract top students. Huawei will recruit 20 to 30 “genius boys” from all over the world, and the number will increase year by year.

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