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Huawei has new QR code identification device to protect scanned data from malware attack



On June 29, Huawei has published a new patent for QR code processing method and device with announcement number CN113051542A in China. According to the information, this patent was applied for registration on December 26, 2019.

QR code:

QR code stands for Quick Response code and type of a matrix barcode (two-dimensional bar code). Additionally, QR codes often contain data of the user, identifier, locator, and more.

As of now, the QR codes system becomes popular because of its cheap, fast readability, and informative identification method. Now, it also becomes an essential part of life in some scenarios.

Moreover, sometimes these QR codes may be attacked by malware, and they were very harmful to users. When the electronic device generates a QR code and after the malware attack it displays the QR code generated by malware instead of the initial one. This can surely cause damage to the user’s property.

To overcome this situation, Huawei innovates a new QR code processing method and device and published it in the form of a patent.

This patent document describes the QR code processing method and the device, where the method includes: The first electronic device and the second electronic device.

The first device obtains the QR code displayed by the second device and information according to the QR code information, to determine the QR code data and the second scene information.

Whereas the second information is associated with the second device, when the first device determines that the first and second scene information meets the preset condition. Then, the first scene information is scene information related to the first electronic device.

By comparing the scene information of two electronic devices that need to interact with the QR code. Then, to verifying the QR code, you can effectively ensure that the QR code scanned is not a QR code that has been maliciously attacked to ensure the reliability of the QR code.

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