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Huawei releases Skyline data card upgraded packages



Huawei Skyline data card

On February 9, Huawei has launched upgraded service packages for Skyline mobile data card to provide an ultra-fast speed. For the first time, the 599 yuan annual data package will be sold at 569 yuan providing up to 2000GB data per month package.

On June 29, 2021, Huawei debuted the Skyline data card mainly for the company’s routine devices. According to the new information, Skyline data card supports Huawei devices including WiFi 3, WiFi 2, 4G routers, and other models

For your information, the Huawei Skyline data card’s plan is jointly operated by Tiantong and China Unicom. However, It does not support voice and SMS functions. It can only be used in conjunction with Huawei mobile routing devices, not mobile phones.

Moreover, the Skyline data card is the best to match for the WiFi 3 to provide a better user experience as compared to other devices such as home broadband.

Huawei Skyline data card

About Skyline Data Card:

The Skyline Data Card is a portable mobile network card that has adopted a slim design and has easy operational methods. It offers plug a Nano-SIM card and a 2-step configuration method.

This card comes with a unique QR code for providing a separate identification and an ultra-high network speed. In addition, it supports automatic switching when the network is disconnected.

Furthermore, it performs well in synchronization with the Huawei WiFi 3. However, you can not buy this data card separately, and it’s only compatible with other Huawei devices.

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