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OpenArkCompiler 1.0 launched, Huawei Ark Compiler open source project (HACOSP)



Huawei OpenArkCompiler 1.0

The Ark Compiler is Huawei’s own compiler to provide high-speed code execution. Now, the first version of Huawei Ark Complier’s open-source project – OpenArkCompiler 1.0 was officially released on February 8, 2022.

The latest information reveals that Huawei OpenArkCompiler 1.0 includes the front-end, middle-end, back-end, and test frameworks. Meanwhile, Maple 1.0 provides a C compiler, a stable aarch64 static code generator, and a whole host of optimizations.

Speaking about OpenArkCompiler, it is Huawei’s open source project and Unified programming platform supporting multiple devices and languages. The four technical features of OpenArkComplier includes:

  • Supports joint optimization of multiple languages and eliminates cross-language calling overhead.
  • Achieves lightweight language runtime.
  • Collaborates hardware and software to maximize hardware energy efficiency.
  • Supports diversified terminal platforms

Huawei OpenArkCompiler 1.0

About OpenArkCompiler:

In 2019, Huawei opened the Ark Compiler for the public. Huawei’s aim behind making it open-source is to nourish the development ecosystem, which can play a significant role in the growth of Huawei’s upcoming OS.

ArkCompiler 3.0 for HarmonyOS 3.0:

ArkCompiler is a unified programming platform that includes key components such as a compiler, toolchain, and runtime. With HarmonyOS 3.0, Huawei provides a new ArkCompiler 3.0 for application compilation and construction.

When developing cross-device HarmonyOS applications or services based on the ArkUI framework, you can choose to try the ArkCompiler. It supports the compilation and operation of high-level languages ​​on multiple chip platforms.

Also, it supports multi-language joint optimization to reduce cross-language interaction overhead, provides a lighter language runtime, and makes full use of hardware energy efficiency through software and hardware collaboration.

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