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Huawei releases December 2020 EMUI security update details with a lots of fixes



Huawei is testing its devices for EMUI 11 beta program for a long time. Some of the smartphone series including Huawei P40, Mate 30, MatePad Pro, Nova 7, Nova 6, MatePad 10.8, Mate Xs have received the stable EMUI 11 version in China.

Now, Huawei is expanding the EMUI 11 beta testing in the global market and started recruiting eligible devices for EMUI 11 beta in Europe, UK, South East Asia, and the Middle East regions. According to the official EMUI 11 rollout schedule, the EMUI 11 is scheduled to arrive in Q1 of 2021 in these regions. Know more here.

Aside from EMUI 11 beta, Huawei releases monthly and quarterly security patches for its device to improve the device security. Now, the company has released the December 2020 security patch details that will be soon available for Huawei and Honor device.

The security updates for Huawei devices include CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) announced in the December 2020 Android security bulletin.

There are also some issues with the operating system, kernel, and driver updates that may not affect any particular features on the devices but need to be fixed through monthly updates.

The following are the CVE announced in December 2020 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: CVE-2020-0458

High: CVE-2020-0447, CVE-2020-0467, CVE-2020-0468, CVE-2020-0294, CVE-2020-0459, CVE-2020-0099, CVE-2020-15802, CVE-2020-0463, CVE-2020-0464, CVE-2020-0470, CVE-2020-0243

Middle: None

Low: None

Included in the previous announcement: CVE-2019-10628, CVE-2019-13994, CVE-2019-13995, CVE-2019-14074, CVE-2020-11133, CVE-2020-11135, CVE-2020-3620, CVE -2020-3621, CVE-2020-3622, CVE-2020-3634, CVE-2019-10527, CVE-2018-11970, CVE-2020-3657, CVE-2020-3670, CVE-2020-3673, CVE-2020 -3654, CVE-2020-3703, CVE-2020-11157, CVE-2020-0446, CVE-2020-0445

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