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Huawei released the Data-intensive supercomputing demonstration center with Shanghai Jiao Tong University




At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), Huawei released the Data-intensive supercomputing demonstration center with Shanghai Jiao tong University. It’s the second time when both of the names are collaborating after the “High-Performance Computing & Storage Technology Joint Innovation Center”.

The representative of both firms witnesses this event. From Huawei, the Data Storage and Machine Vision Product Line President, Dr. Zhou Yuefeng attend this event. While Xi Lifeng- a member of the standing party committee and Vice President and Lin Xinhua- Network Information Center Deputy Director took part from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Data-intensive supercomputing demonstration center:

At present, the supercomputing industry is growing day by day and keeping its root in various application scenarios. The high-performance data analysis HPDA has completely overtaken the traditional HPC.

Thus, it’s essential for the industrial construction model to become “data-intensive”, said the Shanghai Jiaotong University Vice President.

He elaborates, Jiaotong University knows the value of computing power construction and giving a school-level computing environment for domestic universities. Huawei provide full supports to the school’s teaching, scientific research, management, and services.

Additionally, the center has achieved two accomplishments, which is written below

  1. It’s the first ARM supercomputing established by a local university
  2. It is the first time to bring the concept of data-intensive supercomputing construction

As for Huawei, the firm has always been an active promoter in the HPC industry and has continued to invest in supercomputing and application innovation. Now, these two parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in this field.

Huawei OceanStor Pacific storage: A new milestoned in data-intensive supercomputing storage

According to the president, of Huawei’s Data Storage and Machine Vision Product Line, the storage technology is also facing new challenges in today’s digital scenario. The new trend towards the HPDA boasts the demand for storage scalability with complex mixed loads and analysis efficiency.

Now, storage scalability becomes the most demanded technology in the IT industry. Therefore, Huawei introduced the OceanStor Pacific storage for data-intensive supercomputing scenarios, which has three characteristics:

  1. Ultra-high-density design that supports up to 120 hard drives at a height of 5U, with a bare capacity of 1.6PB
  2. Hybrid-oriented design The load design can support both large bandwidth and high OPS service
  3. Multiple services only need one piece of data

Huawei is looking forward to this in-depth cooperation to deploy more than a dozen scientific computing software and improve the performance of some software to reach the user-insensitivity in the industry.

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