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Huawei release a new patent for public number privacy protection




Recently, Huawei released a new patent entitled “Number Privacy Protection Method, Network Equipment, and Computer Storage Media” on the 6th of July. It concerns the user’s contact information privacy.

This patent with the publication number CN113079258A was applied early in January last year by the company.

The document describes that this privacy protection patent is designed for software applications and smart devices connect with wireless networks. The working mechanism can be explained in the following terms.

  1. The first network device will answer the call request sent by the calling device
  2. The call request includes the verification sign and contact number of the calling device
  3. After receiving the request, the network device authenticates the verification sign for the calling device
  4. If the phone number is confirmed, then the network device linked the verification sign for the calling device
  5. Now, the call connection for both parties has been established

It can be seen from the mechanism that this approach will be a good solution for the network users, whose numbers are leaked easily and leaves negative effects on privacy and security.

Apart from this, Huawei publishes another patent for the chirp frequency reduction technology in laser chips on the same day. It consists of a laser chip module, DML area, MZI filter area, and an isolation area. (Read More)

(Source- Ithome)

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