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Huawei to build over 20 AI computing centers by this year, says president of computing business



Huawei is planning to initiate the construction of over 20 AI computing centers by this year. Also, the company is discussing the location in major cities with the government on this matter, says the Huawei Ascend Computing Business President.

As per the information, the Huawei Ascend President – Xu Yingtong was interviewed at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). Where president Xu informed that Huawei is working to make further development in AI computing, and playing to start the construction work of the centers by this year.

Recent Work in AI:

Not a long ago, the computing center constructed by Huawei has taken their charge. It includes the followings partners and locations-

  • Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, jointly sponsored by Huawei & Wuhan government
  • Chengdu Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, sponsored by Huawei & Chengdu High-tech Zone
  • Dalian computing center is also in line to initiate the construction work

In addition, the Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has recorded a computing power load of up to a maximum of 90% on the first day.

Coming back to the interview President Xu told that the development in machine learning capabilities leading the AI technology and bring a breakthrough in neural network technology.

As the convolutional neural network layer has been increasing in numbers, it’s become important to enhance the corresponding computing technology.

AI Industry:

At present, the existing conventional data centers are unable to provide the high-stream AI algorithm. Now, the enlargement and advancement of the AI base are becoming the first priority in the industry. However, limiting AI development and low utilization rate are two main reasons for decentralized AI architecture.

As informed by the president, Huawei’s AI computing centers are based on Huawei AI processors from Ascend series, boards, servers, clusters, and technical standards. Furthermore, it used the MindSpore framework, integrated liquid cooling technology, and related computing hardware and software.

Huawei is developing the AI model which is suitable for college students, scientific researchers, professional programmers. It also includes a wide range of business groups-Shengteng AI computing industry ecology.

Adding to this, Shengteng’s AI computing industry has about 500 partners that have released over 600 solutions. To date, it has more than 350,000 Shengteng developers and collaborated with more than 100 colleges and academies in the field of AI.

(Via- Tech Sina)

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