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Huawei released a new direction predicting patent for improved autonomous experience in vehicles



Huawei Smart Car

On 6th August 2021, Huawei released a new direction predicting patent called “A Method and Device for Determining the Turning Intention of Target Vehicles” related to smart vehicles. Last week, it has passed the Chinese Intellectual Property measurements reserved for patents.

The company applied for the patent in May this year and announced it with the publication number CN113226885A. This patent informs about a method to determine the navigation direction of the target wheel and avoids the possibility of mishaps on urban roads.

The outcome derived by this method is more reliable and quick, which not only provides accurate results but improved the user experience also. The direction prediction of the next vehicle is proved to be a great help in autonomous driving for better guidance.

Huawei direction predicting

The method described by this direction predicting patent can be termed as the following-

  • First, captures the information in images of the next vehicle.
  • After it, the monitoring modules collect the attitude information of the target from the captured image.
  • Now, observed the current orientation of the target vehicle based on the activity.
  • Hence, the steering direction has been determined.

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The determined direction isn’t only correct but also improved the after measurements in driverless driving. Besides, Huawei already owns one of the most advanced lidar and camera monitoring systems. So, capturing and monitoring spontaneous activity isn’t a concern for the company.

Huawei’s New Autonomous Technology Patent:

Huawei is the major patent holder firm in China and licensed various technology in the smart car field. In this line, the company shared another patent named “Methods, Devices, and Vehicles for Controlling Vehicle Driving” with the identification number CN113226886A on 9th August.

It explains vehicle monitoring technology for enhancing the autopiloting experience. (Read Here)

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