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Huawei Matext: New foldable phone or App? Trademarked with Petal Lilty, Liyin and more



Huawei Matext

Huawei has applied for various new trademark names by the 4th of August. It’s disclosed that the Huawei trademark name list includes important names such as Matext, Petal Mail, Petal Lilty, Mate Paper, Petal Liyin, and others.

Don’t forget that these are just registered names, we don’t have any information about their official classifications or any prototype codes. So, it’ll be too early to combine these names with a new product or service that is yet to launch.

However, this China-based firm is expected to add a new folding smartphone within this year. This yet-to-be-released folding phone will succeed the previous Mate X and Mate XS smartphone.

Looking at the trademark – Matext, could have the potential to be this new foldable phone. However, the league of trademark suggests a text app, which is more suitable.

Huawei Matext trademark

As for the Mate Paper, it seems to be a new news app and the rest of the trademarks including Lility and Liyin remain unknown.

Besides, the other labels spotted with the brand name Petal could be the software applications that will launch under the Huawei Petal family to empower them.

Huawei Petal Family:

Talking about the Huawei Petal family, it integrated Huawei services and aims to provide all-in-one solutions in one place with the help of the company’s cloud and computing technology. From searching application to cloud services the users can find all necessary service that namely includes-

  • Huawei Petal Search: A searching engine
  • Huawei Petal One: An all-in-one subscription package
  • Huawei Petal Map: Navigation and Map Service application
  • Huawei Petal Translate: Multilingual Conversion App
  • Huawei Petal Speed: Internet speed test tool
  • Huawei Petal Mail: An all in one Huawei email system

(Source: Ithome)

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