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Huawei registered trademark for ‘Cordish Restaurant’, a cafe



Huawei Restaurants

Huawei is long been known for its dominance in the telecom equipment market. The company has applied for a new trademark for the cafe “Cordish Restaurant” on the 4th of August 2021. This trademark is internationally classified in the catering and accommodation section.

At present, this China-based firm is waiting for further notification as the current trademark status is “application for registration”. Also, it’s not confirmed what Huawei is planning to do with this Cordish Restaurant trademark.

Huawei Restaurant Trademark

To be mentioned, it’s not the first time, when the company is working in this field. It owns many restaurants and cafes all around the world. Back in 2019, it also shared the top 10 global restaurants that mainly includes the following-

  1. Nigeria: Oriental Restaurant, Lagos
  2. Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Restaurant
  3. Spain: Madrid Restaurant
  4. Belarus: Minsk Restaurant
  5. Egypt: Cairo Restaurant
  6. Bolivia: La Paz Restaurant
  7. Malaysia: Integra Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Restaurant
  8. Congo: Kinshasa Restaurant
  9. Thailand: G Tower Restaurant, Bangkok
  10. Turkey: Yaban Restaurant

Let’s wait and see, if the new restaurant trademark filled by Huawei will make its name on this list or not.

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Past activity in Trademarks:

On July 13th, Huawei filled an “Autowear” trademark name in scientific instruments, transportation vehicles, and design research segment suggesting a new technology in Huawei ADS.

Prior to this, the company has licensed the Super Fusion trademark name classified in design research, education, and entertainment for its new branch established on July 8. This new branch named “Fusion Technology” has a long business scope that mainly includes AI, Big Data, Manufacturing, and Research & Development.

(Source: Ithome)

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