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Huawei’s new autonomous technology plan to enhance driving experience



Huawei Smart Car Technology

Huawei licenses multiple autonomous technology patent that has been recognized in the autonomous industry in the past year. Adding to this, this Chinese tech firm frequently stated that its only purpose to step into the smart car industry is to provide good quality cars to its consumers.

Furthermore, the company didn’t plan to stop here and exploring this field further to advancing its potential. In this line, the latest news disclosed by the Chinese Intellectual Property database, Huawei published a new patent with the publication number CN113226886A on 9th August in China.

As per the information, this patent entitled “Methods, Devices, and Vehicles for Controlling Vehicle Driving” have been applied on 31st March this year. It’s another attempt of the company to showcase its skills in the autonomous industry.

Huawei Autonomous Technology Patent

Huawei Autonomous Technology Patent Description:

The patent describes a method and vehicle to monitor the autopiloting of the smart wheel. Meanwhile, its application area revolves around smart cars, connected cars, and autonomous vehicles. Speaking about its method, so it can be described in the following terms-

  1. When the self-driving mode is turned on, the system analysis the commands feed by the user
  2. With the help of advanced sensors, it obtains information about the surrounding of the vehicle
  3. The multi-modal analyzing approach establishes a concordance corresponding users’ direction and environmental situations
  4. Afterward, an autopiloting command will generate as the user’s insistence to led him to his destination

Furthermore, the reports show that this is an advanced self-driving solution that will surely improve the users’ driving experience. It shows the company’s strong will to rise as the smart car technology master.

Apart from these, the autonomous technology patent, recently published by Huawei mainly includes water accumulation measurement, smart car trajectory planning, roof adjustment system, car control method, and various charging technology.

(Source- Ithome)

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