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Huawei Ranks First in NFVI Competitiveness Report by GlobalData



Huawei NFVI Competitiveness Report

Huawei ranked first in Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)/Telco Cloud Infrastructure: Competitive Landscape Assessment Report Released by GlobalData, a world-renowned consulting firm.

This report evaluates global telco cloud platform vendors in terms of architecture, carrier-grade capabilities, management, market momentum, performance, and professional services.

What’s more interesting, Huawei once again named the ranked player for the fourth year in a row with full marks in the NFVI field in all dimensions.

The report mentions Huawei’s leading position in the telco cloud field and its contributions to enabling operators to integrate physical and virtualized data centers, optimize service platforms, tap into the value of IT infrastructure, and improve service quality.

Huawei NFVI Competitiveness Report

Fourth Dimensions:

  • Architecture: Huawei’s dual-engine container solution complies with ETSI’s standard framework. It enables smooth evolution from all paths to containers with one deterministic architecture that counteracts the uncertain evolution pace. Besides this, it accommodates both VMs and containers and allows shared network and storage resources. As such, operators’ investments can be fully used while the service rollout time is shortened.
  • Carrier-grade capabilities: Drawing on key technologies such as a programmable high-performance framework, subhealth detection, cross-layer fault demarcation, and storage bypass, Huawei’s PaaS platform enables multi-tenancy, VNF orchestration, high-performance network, and online upgrade, taking carrier-grade cloud-native capabilities to the next level.
  • Management: Huawei uses a unified platform to manage infrastructure with GUI-based orchestration, one-click network deployment, automatic scaling, flexible policy scheduling, and automatic CI/CD. This greatly facilitates network management and O&M.
  • Market momentum: Huawei actively contributes to standards and open source organizations in the telco cloud field, takes the lead in global business deployment, and works with industry partners to boost the virtualization and digital transformation of the industry.

The report also underlines the upcoming of 5.5G era for new services and scenarios and Huawei’s part in the development of the industry.


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