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EMUI 14.2 brings Interactive themes and games



EMUI 14.2 interactive themes

Huawei has unveiled the EMUI 14.2 software and it comes with brand new interactive themes and games for smartphones to make them more interesting.

EMUI 14.2 is currently shipping with the Huawei Pura 70 series and it’s available for global users in line with the Chinese versions of HarmonyOS 4.2 with similar functionality.

EMUI 14 was the first version that Huawei prioritized for new personalization options including the live weather, magazine themes, and emoji wallpapers. EMUI 14.2 takes the lock screen and themes experience two steps further with its new interactiveness.

Focusing on the interactive part, some themes now have touch responses that will perform certain sets of animations or actions. For example, a theme will pop objects in the air once you tap on the screen. Then the object comes back to settle and you can reiterate this.

Similarly, you can play games on the lock screen with a tennis theme with simple touch inputs to pass the ball from one side to another. Furthermore, the emoji theme will also receive some new improvements with EMUI 14.2 using touch controls.

These are just three examples and there might be more interactive themes that are shipped with EMUI 14.2.

EMUI 14.2 interactive themes

EMUI 14.2 interactive themes

In Watch:

Huawei shipped this feature first with HarmonyOS 4 for smartwatches. Customers can play games and interact with the lock screen of the smartwatch with taps and long presses.

Adding this feature on smartphones brings a better experience and improves the personalization capability of the software. The interactive themes remain exclusive to the Huawei Pura 70 series but it may come soon to the other EMUI phone users with a software upgrade. However, there are no dates available for the rollout.

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