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Huawei Q&A: HarmonyOS, Huawei P50, Mate 50, Nova 7i, Watch GT 2 and more



Yes, we’re here, with a brand new action-packed question and answer session of Huawei Central and on the topic of Huawei.

This year, the story of Huawei continues to fight and struggle a lot of difficulties in the face of U.S. sanctions. Yet, it’s doing it well and forging ahead with the will to survive.

Talking of the start, this year, Huawei launched its second-gen foldable phone Huawei Mate X2 powered by Kirin 9000 processor and a brand new design mechanism consisting of two displays – one on the rear and the other on the main side.

In May, Huawei unveiled a bunch of new products that come with various new sub-products including the Huawei MateView and MateView GT monitors.

But the main topic of discussion is HarmonyOS, which the Chinese company officially unveiled on June 2 and also began the adaptation process in the home ground.

Huawei has a huge roadmap in work for this new operating system and every eligible device owner is now wondering when their device will get to test the new features offered by the HarmonyOS.

The hype is real and it’s really high, to be mentioned Huawei has not revealed a roadmap for the global models, which is one of the main reasons, why the global users are concerned about the timeline as well as the rollout procedure.

At the event, Huawei also revealed a number of new smart devices including the Huawei Watch 3 series, MatePad Pro, MatePad 11, and the 4G variants of the top flagships powered by HarmonyOS.

These are just a few new products that made their debut and there’s a lot more to come as we enter the second half of this year.

But there are also questions that need to be answered. We know that Huawei is quite busy and doesn’t have enough time to answer our readers.

So, we just stepped foot and conducted a brand new Question and Answer session, where you’ve asked us the questions and we try to answer them as accurately as possible.

To be mentioned, we’ve received over 1000 questions via Mail, Facebook, and Twitter. However, most of them are related to HarmonyOS, so we’ve organized them and put them in the same category, and answered them accordingly.

Although, there several answers that you may find below but there’s a specific question that we’re received the most and if we count, the number will go above 200 for at least and it’s related to the Huawei Nova 7i and P40 lite.

Q. My Huawei Nova 7i or P40 Lite will receive HarmonyOS?

A. Huawei Nova 7i and Huawei P40 Lite are the global versions of Huawei Nova 6 SE, which is is eligible to get HarmonyOS and it directly means that these devices are also eligible to run HarmonyOS.

Q&A Starts from here:

Q. When Huawei P50 will launch?

A. Possibly in July or August.

Q. Huawei Mate 50 will not launch in 2021?

A. It’s possible but there’s no official confirmation.

Q. Huawei P20 series not receiving the software update

A. Huawei P20 series has already completed its EMUI security update timespan. So, it’s not eligible to get regular software updates.

Q. I am not receiving security updates

A. We recommend you try via the HiSuite app or check your device’s security timespan in the monthly and quarterly EMUI/Magic UI security update section.

Q. When HarmonyOS will rollout for the global users:

A. No official confirmation on this matter is available but it’s likely to be announced this year for the global consumers.

Q. Huawei P40 will receive HarmonyOS?

A. P40 devices are eligible to run HarmonyOS.

Q. When HarmonyOS will come to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East?

A. No confirmation on this matter, but it’ll come with the global roadmap, which is yet to be announced.

Q. HarmonyOS will rollout for Y series devices?

A. Yes but specific devices are yet to confirm.

Q. WhatsApp will work on HarmonyOS?

A. Yes, it’ll work.

Q. Huawei Watch GT 2/GT 2e and GT 2 Pro will receive HarmonyOS?

A. Yes, according to sources Watch GT 2 and GT 2e will upgrade with HarmonyOS alongside Watch GT 2 Pro but we’ll have to wait for official rollout.

Q. HarmonyOS will rollout for Honor 8X

A. Yes.

Q. HarmonyOS will rollout for Honor Play

A. Yes.

Q. HarmonyOS still support Android apps?

A. Yes.

Q. Huawei Nova 5T will receive HarmonyOS?

A. Yes.

Q. HarmonyOS phones will receive security updates?

A. Yes.

Q. Huawei P30 series will receive HarmonyOS?

A. Yes

Q. Huawei Mate 20 series will receive HarmonyOS?

A. Yes.

Q. My device doesn’t have EMUI 11, will I receive HarmonyOS?

A. Yes.

Q. Until when HarmonyOS rollout will begin for old devices?

A. By the end of this year or 2021.

Q. My global Huawei phone is not receiving HarmonyOS, is there a problem?

A. Currently, HarmonyOS is not avaialble to upgrade for the global models and it’s only limited to the Chinese variants.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.