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Huawei published new patent technology to detect automatic driving system failure



Huawei Smart Car

Huawei has recently published a new patent for detecting automatic driving systems with announcement number CN113741374. However, the Chinese tech maker filed this patent back in May 2019 to the China Intellectual Property office.

The patent technology can also detect the failure reason of the automatic driving system, and use the detected automatic driving system to control the driving of the vehicle. The technical solution proposed in this application helps to improve the overall safety of the vehicle.

For a long time, Huawei is focused on two major sectors automobile technology and semiconductor technology. The Chinese tech maker has aimed to become a top technology supplier that why it is inventing new methods in form of patents.

Huawei automatic driving system

This latest Huawei patent is related to a method for detecting an automatic driving system and a method for controlling the driving of a vehicle based on the automatic driving system. According to the patent description, the data collected by sensors of multiple vehicles in a target driving scenario are acquired, and the automatic driving system to be detected is used to acquire the target vehicle based on these data.

The trajectory information during driving in the target driving scene is compared, and the trajectory information is compared with the preset trajectory information. According to the comparison result, it is judged whether the automatic driving system fails when driving in the target driving scene.


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