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Huawei published a new patent in field of drone technology




Back in 2020, Huawei applied for a patent a method and device for a drone to follow a vehicle in the field of drone technology. Now, this patent has been published 0n December 3, 2021, with announcement number CN113741506A in China.

Huawei patent related to drone technology application shows that the drone can follow the vehicle in real-time and improve the accuracy of the drone’s recognition of the vehicle. Additionally, it can adjust the flight trajectory in time according to the relevant information of the vehicle so that the flight trajectory is more consistent. The actual driving trajectory of the vehicle.

Huawei drone technology

The patent description discloses that a method and device for drones to follow a vehicle, in which the vehicle includes a vehicle device. The vehicle terminal includes a V2X Communication module, including a V2X communication module on the UAV.

The method includes: the drone receives the relevant information of the vehicle sent by the vehicle-mounted device. The relevant information of the vehicle includes the driving speed of the vehicle, the heading angle information of the vehicle, and the first position of the vehicle.

The drone is based on the relevant information of the vehicle predicts a second position to which the vehicle will travel, where the second position is a position after the first position. The drone adjusts the flight trajectory according to the predicted second position, in order to follow the vehicle.

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