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Huawei secured skin detection patent for skincare or makeup suggestions




In May 2020, Huawei applied for a patent entitled “Interaction methods and the electronic device used for skin detection” in China. According to the China Intellectual Property database, this patent was published on November 26, 2021, with announcement number CN111651040B.

Currently, the Chinese tech maker has saved this technology in the form of a patent that can be used in the future. The purpose of this is to give the skin condition information corresponding to the gesture and suggestions for the treatment of skincare or makeup. 

Huawei Skin detection

Huawei skin detection patent description:

Accoriding to the patent document, it provides an interactive method and electronic device for skin detection. The method determines a target hand motion by recognizing the user’s hand motion and face. The detection target targeted by the part action, the electronic device determines the extended content associated with the detection target.

The shape of the detection target from the extended content library is based on the detection target. The shape of the detection target and outputs the extended content, which is implemented according to this application The interactive method and electronic device of an electronic device for skin detection can accurately recognize the user’s gesture and the intention indicated by the gesture through the real-time image of the user during the skincare or makeup process.

It gives the skin state corresponding to the gesture Information and suggestions for treatment of skincare or makeup to make the interaction process more natural and smooth and enhance the user experience.


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