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BYD also OEM Huawei phones, says the car maker’s president



Huawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design

According to the latest news coming from Sina Finance, the chairman and president of BYD enterprises – Wang Chuanfu, stated that Huawei smartphones are manufacturing by the BYD Group.

The Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum under the theme “China Business Mind” was held on the evening of June 9th, 2021. On the occasion, the event host askes the BYD president “is BYD planning to make smartphones?”

In response, the president smiled and replied, we manufacture many mobile phones and most of the Huawei smartphones are made by us.

Coincidently, the host had a Huawei phone, so the BYD president questions the host in a responding manner “Whose device are you using”? 90% of the metal frames and covers used in Huawei smartphones are made by BYD. He said that the assembling process is also done by us.

However, he didn’t mention the specific models that BYD has manufactured or it could the Porsche design or any other models.

Huawei Phone with Logo

Talking about the BYD Group, it’s the second-largest firm after Foxconn in the electric automotive industry founded in February 1995. Initially, it was focused on automobiles, vehicles, and rechargeable batteries.

As of now, it gradually expanding its area and parallelly focusing on smart communication devices like smartphones, laptops, autopiloting systems, and other smart IoT devices.

To be mentioned, the corporation between BYD electronics and Huawei has been started many years ago, in 2019 it made the first batch of Huawei smartphones in the Changsha factory. Furthermore, the partnership between these two is not only limited to smartphones.

(Via- Ithome)

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