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Huawei patent for method to determine safe speed of moving cars on curve roads



Huawei wants to become a champion and major smart technologies supplier to help the automobile companies to build good cars. In this segment, the Chinese tech giant securing new innovations in the form of patents for smart cars.

According to the information, on June 11, Huawei has published a patent entitled “A method, device, and method for determining safe speed” with announcement number CN112937573A in China.

For more information, the company applied for this patent on December 10, 2019. The aim behind this innovation is to determine the safe speed of moving objects when driving on a curve road.

The patent document describes a method to determine the safe speed. The smart car can determine the radius of curvature of the road and also the corresponding relationship between the radius of curvature and speed according to the preset curvature radius.

After determining the safe speed limit or the driving state of the smart car, it can improve the safety of the moving object when driving in a curve.

(Via – ithome)

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