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Huawei published a new patent for fingerprint recovery technology and its use case method



Using fingerprint technology is the safest way in order to keep safe and secure your phone or other fingerprint supported far from others’ reach. Because no one is able to access your personal thing without your fingerprints while pin and pattern locks can be cracked.

Back in March, Huawei patented for under-screen fingerprint technology, which increases the accuracy and response time that improves the user’s experience. In this segment, the company has passed another patent related to fingerprint technology.

On April 16, 2018, Huawei has applied for a patent related to the fingerprint recovery method and storage system, which is published today with an application number CN110389706B in China.

According to the patent description, in a fingerprint recovery method, the system controller obtains the reference count of the fingerprint of the data block according to the fingerprint in-use count query table of the data block.

The used count lookup table includes the corresponding relationship between the fingerprint of the data block being used and the user count. When the user count is less than the preset value, the used count lookup table will look up the table in the logical address according to the initial logical address of the user data block.

The fingerprint corresponding to the initial logical address is obtained in the above-mentioned logical address, and the address lookup table includes the mapping relationship between the initial logical address of the data block and the fingerprint.

When the row corresponding to the logical address of the initial logical address is consistent with the fingerprint of the technical data block, all the technical system controller deletes the fingerprint record of the user data block in the counting query table, which can reduce the storage resources occupied by the data block that has no contribution to the serious punishment.


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