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Huawei patents new technology for advanced automatic shading of vehicles



Today, Huawei has certified a new patent entitled “a method and shading system for digitalized automatic shading of vehicles”. It was applied back on December 31st, last year with publication number is CN112789185A, and received clearance on May 11th.

The summary of this patent revealed that this model will deliver a digital automatic shading method and shading system for vehicles, and relates to the technical field of automatic shading of vehicles.

It can be witnessed from the report that this model will utilize the sun-light transmitting component of the estimated vehicle. Then the respective vehicle can be provided with a dimming film via the processes. This method will work in two aspects that include the following-

  • Capturing the eye position information of the target person
  • Obtaining the light source outside the target vehicle

Furthermore, the direction information of the light source symbolizes the prognostication direction of the light origin corresponding to the target.

Simenteniously, the light-receiving area of the destinated vehicle will ascertain according to the information of eye position and light source direction, and light transmission.

This entire process denotes the modification of the car windows considering the several accessing points, based on the different users and conditions.


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