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Huawei patent for multi-process smartphone screen technology



On February 22, Huawei has revealed its new generation smartphone in the folding device family, Huawei Mate X2. It comes with an inward folding design, Kirin 9000 processor, EMUI 11, 50MP main camera, 16MP selfie camera, and more.

In order to meet the user’s needs, all the brands innovate new techniques, methods, and equipment. As now, the demand for large display is increasing rapidly and in the past two years, most of the top smartphone brand has launched folding phones.

To be mentioned, on August 9, 2019, Huawei has applied for a patent named Multi-process display method, storage medium, and computer equipment for folding screen. This patent was published on February 23 with publication number CN112395031A in China.

The Patent abstract shows that this invention discloses a multi-process display method for folding screens, which is related to the field of human-computer interaction technology.

The present patent technology includes the following steps:

  • Running an application program.
  • Displaying the operation interface of the application program.
  • Monitoring the selection operation in the operation interface.
  • Entering the selected first process display interface.

According to the first process, the display interface generates a process list associated with the content of the first process display interface. The monitor’s selection operations in the process list separate the display screen and divide it into a first display area and a second display area for independent display.

The selected second process display interface is displayed in the second display area, the first process display interface is displayed in the first display area, and the present invention realizes in the same application display interface and performs multiple processes at the same time to improve user experience.


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