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Huawei patent ‘Man to Machine’ conversation technology with humans like dialogues



On February 26, Huawei applied for a new technology patent for a Method and Device for Human to Machine Dialogue” system. According to the information, the patent has a publication number of CN108319599B and the application was filed in January 2017.

The patent details a method for man to machine dialogue system and the device is pre-equipped with multiple dialogue robots, and each dialogue robot is used to conduct a man to machine dialogue on at least a single topic/subject.

Also, the robot can adaptively generate accurate replies based on the question or the conversation on a particular topic.


The method includes: Obtaining text input by a user. When the number of topics is at least two, it determines whether there is a dialog robot corresponding to at least two topics according to at least two topics involved in the text and a predefined mapping relationship between the dialog robot and the topic.

(Via – Ithome)

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