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Huawei patent for new glass ceramic technology, could improve smartphone’s back design



On March 23, 2021, Huawei filed an application for a new patent entitled – glass-ceramic, glass-ceramic product and their manufacturing method in China. According to the info, this patent was published on June 8 with application number CN112919810A. However, its simple legal status is still pending.

According to the patent description, the present invention provides a glass-ceramic containing lithium monosilicate, quartz, and quartz solid solution crystal phases. The total content of all three components has a higher weight percentage than other crystal phases.

The components of the glass-ceramics are expressed in weight percentages and contain: SIO2 + A1203: 60~80%, P205: 2~10%, ZrO2: 0.5~10%, Ln203: greater than 0 but less than or equal to 10%, Li20 + Na20 + K20: 21.5 to 30%, where (Li20 + Na20 + K20)/ Ln203 is 2.5-25, and the Ln203 is one or more of La203, Gd203, Y203, and Yb203.

Moreover, the glass-ceramic obtained by this patent method is suitable for chemical strengthening. Additionally, the glass-ceramic and glass-ceramic products obtained by this invention have excellent mechanical properties that can be usable, which can satisfy the use of display devices or electronic devices.

The use of this kind of patent can ease the tension of damaging the ceramic back and improve its sturdiness in different scenarios.

(Via – ithome)

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