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Huawei Nova 8i smartphone launched in South Africa



Huawei Nova 8i South Africa

Huawei has finally brought its latest smartphone to South Africa and has launched the Huawei Nova 8i on September 27th. Designed in two beautiful- moonlight silver and starry black colors this Huawei phone has its own aesthetics. So, South African consumers, let’s dive into more details, and offers regarding the Huawei Nova 8i below.

The Nova 8i in South Africa comes with 6.67 inches edgeless display, Snapdragon processor, EMUI 11, 64MP quad rear camera, 66W Huawei SuperCharge, battery power-saving mode, and more. Besides, it is available for pre-sale with an appreciation gift and additional offers from the company.

Let’s move ahead and check why one should buy this smartphone-

Reasons to Buy:

  • 6.67 inches Edgeless Display
  • 64MP AI Quad Camera
  • Snapdragon 662 Octa-core CPU
  • MeeTime HD Calls
  • Larger Storage of 8GB + 128GB
  • Huawei SuperCharge of 66W
  • Huawei App Market Support




Asides from its premiums colors, Huawei Nova 8i has been formed following NCVM craftmanship and has 4D curvature. Moving ahead, its 6.67 inches screen features a 1.3mm super-narrow bezels 376 x 1080 FHD+ resolution with a high color gamut technology.

Moving to its power, the smartphone equips an octa-core Snapdragon 662 processor shipped with 8GB + 128GB memory. Furthermore, it comes with pre-installed EMUI software including features such as MeeTime, Huawei Share, Note Lock, and Smart Game Assistant.

Coming to its camera range, it offers a 16MP camera alongside an AI quad-camera arrangement. Furthermore, the quad lenses are consist of a 64MP main, 8MP ultra-wide-angle, 2MP macro f/2.4 aperture, and 2MP depth camera with f/2.4 aperture.

In terms of battery, it packs a 4300 mAh extensive battery that integrates power-saving AI algorithms and supports a 66W super fast charge. In addition, it takes 17 minutes for 60% battery charge and only 30 minutes in full charge.


Pricing and Offers


The Huawei Nova 8i has been launched with a price of R6,999.00 in South Africa and is currently in the pre-order period. Besides, the buyers will get R700 off on making an advance payment of R99.00 for this smartphone.

Complimentary Gift:

The first buyers will get the Huawei Bluetooth Speaker in delighting black variant as an appreciation gift. The actual value of this speaker is R699.00.


Pre-order Process:

Interested buyers can make pre-order until 30th September at 23:59 and make the final payment until 5th October 23:59. This smartphone with the complimentary gift will be delivered after 1-2 business days.

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Huawei HMS Core 6 Launched: Supports Android, iOS, Windows and other operating system



HMS Core 6

At Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021), HMS Core 6 (Huawei Mobile Services Core) has launched. This is not just a regular release because it’s now open for cross-operating system functionality and an open-source behavior for different operating systems.

According to the company, Huawei HMS Core 6 has now opened 69 developer kits, 21,738 APIS in 7 different categories. The HMS Core also opened 13 new capabilities, 18 enhanced capabilities, and 13 cross-OS capabilities consisting of various operating systems including:

  • HarmonyOS
  • Android
  • OpenHarmony
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Linux

The new cross-device capability will allow HMS Core developers to launch apps and run them across these platforms and establish their interconnection accordingly.

HMS Core 6 cross operating system

That’s not it, the HMS Core 6 with these above mentioned cross-operating systems now supports various device platforms including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Smart TVs
  • Smartwatches
  • Earphones
  • Smart Speaker
  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Car and more

To make the development a bit easy, Huawei has opened HMS Core for third-party development frameworks such as React, Cordova, and more.

HMS Core 6 Capabilities

HMS Core 6:

The HMS Core focuses on key aspect areas of development – Graphics, Media, AI, App Services, and systems.


HMS Core 6 key aspect

  • Graphics: HMS Core 6 added 3D modeling services and enhanced many open capabilities such as AR Engine, graphics computing services, and graphics engine services.
  • Media: based on the blessing of AI technology, Huawei has newly opened up video editing services (Video Editor Kit) and audio editing services (Audio Editor Kit) and can provide global services covering 70+ languages ​​and support global calls.
  • AI: Machine Learning Kit, as an open capability, has nearly 10,000 applications integrated with ML Kit, with more than 8.25 billion monthly calls, and it has now been extended to other operating system applications.
  • App Services: HMS Core 6 has 13 new and enhanced open capabilities and 12 cross-OS capabilities.
  • Systems: Huawei has opened up core connectivity and communication capabilities, including 9 capabilities, which are open to application developers through Wireless Kit and Network Kit.

HMS Core Growth:

Huawei’s Consumer Business Cloud Services President and Huawei Cloud CEO Zhang Ping’an said that the HMS ecosystem currently has 5.1 million developers, HMS Core’s global application integration increased by 81% to 173,000, and global developer revenue increased by 62%.

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How to watch Huawei HDC 2021 [Livestream]



HDC 2021 Livestream

We’re just a few hours away from the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021), and you can watch the entire HDC 2021 Livestream on the platforms given below.

HDC 2021 Livestream

There will be a number of new software technologies that will unveil at the event, so don’t forget to tune in on time. If you want to know more about the HDC 2021 schedule and attendees, visit the article linked below or jump directly on the HDC 2021 Livestream that starts at 07:30 BST/08:30 CEST/14:30 CST.

HDC 2021 Schedule, Keynote, and more – Read here

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Breaking: U.S. approved Billions USD worth licenses to Huawei




Huawei U.S. License

This is quite interesting news, the U.S. has granted billions of dollars worth of licenses to Huawei from November through April to get access to U.S.-made technologies while being listed under the U.S. Entity List.

According to the document released by the U.S. Congress and seen by Reuters, Huawei has received over 113 export licenses worth 61 billion US dollars were approved for suppliers to ship products. Alongside the Chinese tech giant, the U.S. has also approved, around 188 licenses (worth 42 billion dollars to the Chinese semiconductor maker – SMIC.

The data shows that Huawei’s ratio of license approval was around 69% of the overall request for approval that has been made, while SMIC got approval for 9 out of 10 license applications.

However, the entire process is a bit complicated and there are plenty of senators and politicians that have voted to retain strict restrictions on the Chinese tech maker.


Some of them have raised their doubts on the current U.S. president – Joe Biden on his low-level policy on Huawei and why it’s continues to get exceptions in terms of accessing technologies that could expand its business.

“It is just another example of President Biden not taking the economic and security threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party seriously,” said Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Huawei U.S. License

U.S. Commerce Department Statement:

The Commerce Department has been the center of this entire matter since the beginning and imposed sanctions on Huawei. The commerce department said that the release of an “arbitrary snapshot” of license approvals “risks politicizing the licensing process and misrepresenting the national security determinations” made by the government.

Heart of the matter:

In May 2019, Huawei has been placed under the U.S. entity list, which bans the company from purchasing U.S.-made technologies such as important chipsets and so on. The company has also given up on making new chipsets due to the expansion of restrictions made by the U.S. government.


However, the information regarding the current licenses has not been disclosed but there are certain licenses that have been denied in the process.

Furthermore, a previous report reveals that Of the 113 licenses approved for Huawei after U.S. Entity List, 80 were for non-sensitive goods that only required a license because the recipient was blacklisted. For SMIC, the figure was 121 of 188.

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