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Huawei SAMENA Accelerator will showcased on Ultra Broadband Forum



Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum

Huawei will hold the Ultra Broadband Forum (UBBF) on 19th October 2021 in Dubai, UAE. It’ll be the 7th major summit to discuss the fixed-network domain, and UBBF serves on a vast level. The operators, digital space partners, standards organizations, governors, and leading industrials in the UBB industry will take part in this forum.

These vertical leaders will provide insights on current innovations and challenges in fiber deployment. Furthermore, there also will be a special session for Huawei where it will showcase a forum entitled “SAMENA Accelerator”

Huawei SAMENA Accelerator:

As per the info, this forum will conduct on 20th October that will be jointly hosted by SA-ME-NA council representatives. Here SA-ME-NA stands for South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa regions. It’ll focus on accelerating the deployment of fiber networks to make steady progress.

According to data, Huawei’s patented technology solutions and industrial practices have made a great continuation in reducing fiber deployment costs. However, there are still many challenges that are barring the development process. At present, these challenges can address with regulatory support and resource sharing in a win-win situation.

Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum

Besides, IPv6 is still needed to be developed in the SA-ME-NA region. While other counties including China, United States, and Europe have released policies for the implementation of IPv6/IPv6+ as a new trend in hyper-connectedness.

Moving further, the UBBF 2021 and Huawei-hosted SAMENA Accelerator share one goal of highlighting ramp-up the digitalization process in the Ultra-broadband industry. Aside, it’ll also showcase Huawei’s innovations in cooperation with operators in pace up cross-industry and cross-sector growth.

Overall, this forum will provide insights regarding specific policy, planning, and best-practice for universal broadband access industrialization.

(Via- Huawei)

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